Infertility and Modern Family Building Counseling

“No one seems to understand what I am going through.”

Has your dream to have a baby become a struggle?  Have you or your partner been diagnosed with infertility? Do you feel like you are the only person or couple on the planet unable to have a child of your own?

Infertility is stressful. Because of this, you feel lonely, frustrated, anxious and even depressed. Maybe you just learned of your infertility diagnosis. Now you are filled with grief and even anger. Or perhaps you are decided to build your family through IVF, adoption, or donor conception and are looking for supporting in navigating the process.

Wherever you are in your family building journey, counseling can help. I specialize in providing support to individuals and couples who are trying to build their modern family through IVF, donor conception, surrogacy, adoption or fostering as well as those living their life childless or child-free by circumstance, choice or some combination of the two. Therapy is a safe, non-judgmental space, where you can process the complex feelings associated with infertility and modern family building.

There is hope. You can heal. You can begin to feel less alone.

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Couples Therapy

“We are so unhappy. Is our relationship going to survive?”

Overall, you know you love each other.  However, lately you are feeling unappreciated, disconnected and not listened to. Maybe your sex life has become dull or is non-existent. Or perhaps you are trying to recover from the pain of infidelity.

You are lost in your relationship.  Frustration, loneliness, and hopelessness about the future of your relationship consumes you.  Your children, family and your own well being are all impacted by this unhappiness.

If any of this describes your relationship, you are in the right place. Couples therapy is a place where you can learn the tools you need to build a more loving, satisfying, and more fulfilling relationship. Whether you can’t seem to stop fighting or you just can’t seem to ever be on the same page.

There is a better way. You can fall in love all over again.

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Individual Therapy

“My life isn’t what I thought it would be”.

Life is complex. Juggling relationships, family, and work can feel impossible. As the years have passed you lost yourself. Perhaps, your marriage or experience as a parent isn’t working out the way you dreamed. Maybe you are unfulfilled in your career.

People come to therapy to help cope with many of life’s challenges. From anxiety to self-esteem.  To depression, grief and everything in between. Whatever is keeping you awake at night, therapy can help.

Together we can figure out what might be getting in the way of you and the life that you long for. We will help you identify what steps are necessary to live your best life.

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